Stepping up

Brooke talks in her blog about taking over behaviour management.

I too am stepping up and taking control of the classroom and my mentors really stepping back and watching.

I am discovering that balance between being the teacher standing up the front doing all the talking and teaching the content and having that full attention on me. This is not a great way to teach all the time however, it is not engaging or getting the students to do the thinking. Yes it is necessary at times, but not always.

The tricky step is doing activities with students, so that they are doing the thinking, work and learning. Giving the students the work, means less control, each student is doing their own thing. Add working in pairs or in groups and students are doing all sorts of different tasks and making noise all around the classroom. Keeping track of students is tricky and gaining their attention again, is at times difficult over the noise.

How can ICT help. ICT provides ways to show visually, written and auditory, things like the instructions. If you do not know what to do next, read the board.

Timers on the internet.

Using sounds or clips on the internet to gain students attention.


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