Had a grade 12 class with 3 students today, luckily, because I had a go at using the Interactive Whiteboard for simple student responses. The lesson was based on being interactive with the students and getting them to demonstrate their ideas and thinking on the whiteboard and discuss which each other the answers to questions. The interactive whiteboard took considerable time to get working and then the markers were unresponsive to the board and words were getting written on the board in a different place to where they were actually written with the pen and then the board decided to write squiggles on the board.

This task could have been done just the same with a standard whiteboard, however the classroom I was in only had an IWB so I had to use this. It did cause some great laughs, however I was thankful to only have 3 students in my class for this, behaviour management would have been an issue if I had a class full laughing at the fail of the IWB.

Begs the question whether teachers need to have Professional development days on new technology coming into our schools frequently. There is no point having new technology in the classroom if teachers do not know to use it.


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