Flip lesson reflected

Students love new ways of learning. So a few of my year 11 class engaged in learning through a flip lesson. Students who wanted to learn about punctuating speech were treated to a video made by me, explaining how to punctuate speech. The students who engaged with the task liked that the video did not take long to watch, they could stop and start as the needed to write notes or re-wind to hear the information again. They found the content clear and easy to understand as it was visual and auditory.

One student had difficulty accessing it ICT wise, most students choose not to do the task either through laziness, disorganisation, feeling they already knew the content so it was a waste of time or through not being aware of doing the homework.

Students engaged in the in class lesson activities despite not watching the video, as I set the activity out in a way that they could learn as they practiced from other students who knew how to do it.

I feel as if more students would engage in flip lessons, as it became an expected routine task for them in class. For them knowing that they may be required to explain content from the video in class the next lesson.

For more info about Flip Lessons check out this website: http://blogs.techsmith.com/for-educators/my-first-flip-snagit-discount/


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