Cybersafety and my students

What to do if students are getting cyberbullied? Well the Connect.ed module 2 gave lots of suggests of what teachers should do when cyberbullied.. Not.. I am still no clearer on how I would approach my class after reading this module. I am aware of the unseen issue, but not how to address the issue.
Firstly, it seems most victims often keep cyberbullying situations to themselves. The best case scenario is having their friends aware of the situation or the victim telling their friends of the situation, so that the friends encourage the victim to seek adult help.
One we sites mentions raising awareness of technology issues; risks, cybersafety and positive online communities. Teach students how to report abuse.
I think the important area os to build positive relationships within the classroom, that transpire out into the online world. Teach and building students to stick up for one another, support and encourage one another in positive ways. This means doing activities in the classroom that build these positive relationships and skills.


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